People Smarts

People Smarts Team Process

Patricia ZeggelaarAs most of us are aware the world is made up of many different kinds of people who behave in fundamentally different ways in their approach to communicating, problem solving, working with others and decision-making. These differences are responsible for the many varied contribution individuals have to make to the teams and organization of which they belong.

Unfortunately, these differences when not properly understood and appreciated can be a major source of stress and conflict and can limit the development and progression of teams and organizations. By increasing individual awareness about these differences that people naturally exhibit and by creating a better understanding around thinking style preferences there is a greater potential to have more rewarding work relationships.

People Smarts utilizes the Herrmann Whole Brain Learning Model which is based on the right brain/left brain theory that individuals have specific preferences or dominances in regards to their behaviour. By participating in a People Smarts Team Process experience participants will have an opportunity to gain insight into their own thinking styles preferences and behaviours while at the same time gaining a better understanding and appreciation of those of others. Through a variety of challenging and fun activities



  • Gain new insights into personal thinking styles and behaviours
  • Understand why people act the way they do
  • Increase awareness of how personal styles impact decision making, communication and problem solving initiatives
  • Reduce tension and increase trust in work relationships

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