Beyond Conflict

All organizations have conflict.

Conflict Resolution with Patricia ZeggelaarIt is natural and inevitable when people come together that there will be differences of wants, needs and expectations. In fact, this is a very good thing as managing conflict can trigger innovation and creativity, bring clarity to issues and goals, help to motivate a spirit of improvement and it can serve as a very effective springboard for important learning both professionally and personally. The flip side, however, is that unmanaged conflict is costly, very, very costly…. financially it costs organizations billions, mentally and emotionally it produces high levels of anxiety depression and generalized stress and physically it is the direct catalyst for more sick days and long term leave than any other reason. Yet despite the very clear pros and cons around conflict most managers report ‘inaction’ as their main method of conflict resolution……. doing nothing, avoiding, or just plain ignoring it. Rather than deal with an issue with a peer, employee or boss 35% of managers said they would rather parachute jump, 27% said they would rather shave their heads and 8% of managers said they would rather eat bugs. It is interesting to note that the negative impacts of conflict have less to do with the conflict itself and more to do with the consequences of not managing it ….namely, fear, anger and hurt. People report they are afraid because they don’t feel confident that they will be able to manage a conflict and they will be involved in some form of emotional escalation they feel they can’t control and are unlikely to ‘win’. And the negative costs continue to climb. It doesn’t have to be this way. Managing conflict is a skill set that can be taught and people can learn to effectively and confidently address the dynamics – even the fear – around dealing with conflicts they have with others.

In this workshop you will learn the mindsets and skill sets for dealing effectively and more confidently with the conflicts you have with others. You will gain a better understanding of the role conflict plays in the workplace, the benefits of dealing with it.competently and the high negative consequences of having it go unmanaged.

I can help you feel confident to deal with conflict. Let’s connect.