Assessment – Building Commitment for Intentional Change

Assessments with Patricia ZeggelaarMany managers and leaders are acutely aware of the need to be approaching their organizations in a different way.  They understand that in order to successfully move into the future that fundamental changes need to happen in many of the core processes of the organization.  Often times, however, the changes that get made are extrinsic in nature and involve ‘facelift’ strategies that go along way to make things look different on the outside, but in truth the organization stays the same in how it operates.  The only way to create lasting and sustainable organization change is to work from the inside out.  When fundamental changes occur intrinsically, that is at the awareness, understanding and behavioural level, that is where true sustainable change can occur.  There is no shortcut to change; it takes dedication, motivation to be aware and to understand things differently and a willingness and readiness to change behaviours.

Integrated People Solutions offers an effective assessment methodology in order to ensure that  any organizational development initiative is successful in both the short and long term.  We believe in working closely with the client to ensure all recommendations are a best fit for the organization. This involves collecting information about the organization and its members, and creating awareness of and insight into the organization’s current behavioural and cultural state.

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