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Welcome to Integrated People Solutions.  I’m Patricia Zeggelaar and I help  organizations, teams and individuals work smartly, with an emphasis on increasing the effectiveness and well being of the single greatest resource in business – people!

I believe that the single most important factor of organizational success and growth is people.  The willingness and ability of organizational members to understand their contributions and the impacts they have on others and outcomes are essential for optimum performance and success.  Leading authorities in the fields of human resources, organizational development and psychology  all agree that when workforces are comprised of individuals that are both skilled AND engaged the resulting benefits include:

  • Less staff turnover
  • Higher customer satisfaction ratings
  • Better business outcomes
  • Increased bottom line results
  • Less sick time, stress leave and long term disability
  • Reduced grievances and complaints
  • More satisfied employees

Integrated People Solutions believes that great teams are built on the foundation that:

  • Successful training initiatives focus on the underlying causes of individual behaviours and provides scientifically researched strategies and methodologies for creating lasting change
  • Individuals who report higher levels of engagement and well being make greater contributions to the successful performance of their organizations.
  • Individuals who take responsibility for their own learning, thoughts, and actions find their work more meaningful.


Let’s have a conversation and together, we’ll discover how I can help you.